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Porvoon ympäristöterveydenhuolto

Food businesses

‘Food premises’ refer to any building or premises where food intended for sales or transfer to another party is prepared, stored, transported, kept on the market, served or otherwise processed. Food premises may also be virtual.

Food premises

‘Food business’ refers to a company whose operations are related to any stage of producing, processing or distributing food. The operations of a food business usually require a physical place of operations. In legislation, such places are called ‘food premises.’ Food premises may also be virtual, such as an online shop for food.

Food premises include

  • food production sites
  • grocery shops
  • kiosks
  • cafés
  • restaurants
  • bars
  • workplace cafeterias
  • marquees and food stands.

Food premise operations also include

  • professional transport of food
  • sales of nutritional supplements
  • import and export of food
  • online sales of food.

However, sites of primary production are not food premises.

Porvoo Environmental Health Services must be notified of new food premises.

A food sector operator who processes animal-source food before wholesales must apply for the approval of food premises. Approved food premises are also called ‘establishments.’