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Porvoon ympäristöterveydenhuolto

Under some conditions, low-risk pop-up restaurant activities run by a private individual and an association are possible, and the food control authority does not need to be notified of such activities. Pop-up activities are also possible for private entrepreneurs (sole proprietors), as long as the other conditions for pop-up activities are met.

A turnover limit of EUR 15,000 is applied on pop-up operations. The operations cannot constitute a business.

A pop-up restaurant can be active for 12 days in a calendar year, at the maximum.

Pop-up restaurant activities should be as low-risk as possible. The lowest-risk method is preparing food to be served hot from fresh ingredients and serving the food immediately after preparation.

The following are examples of food preparation that can be considered low-risk or reasonably low-risk:

  • baking
  • making ham or cheese sandwiches
  • preparing and immediately serving soups, stews and casseroles.

Large-scale food preparation cannot be considered low-risk or even reasonably low-risk.

It is recommended that the consumers are informed clearly that they are visiting a pop-up restaurant. The name of the person in charge should also be announced.

Follow also the instructions for Pop-up restaurant activities issued by the Finnish Food Authority.

If necessary, municipal food control authorities may also inspect pop-up restaurants to ensure hygienic practices and food safety and prevent food poisonings.