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Porvoon ympäristöterveydenhuolto

Ship Sanitation Inspections

Porvoon ympäristöterveydenhuolto, Local Port Health Authority on Ship Sanitation Inspections, carries out inspections and issues Ship Sanitation Certificates in the following ports:
Kilpilahti (Sköldvik) FISKV [SSCC ] [SSCEC] [Extension]
Loviisa (Lovisa) FILOV [SSCC ] [SSCEC] [Extension]
Porvoo (Borgå) FIPRV [SSCC ] [SSCEC] [Extension]
Tolkkinen (Tolkis) FITOK [SSCC ] [SSCEC] [Extension]

Ship Sanitation Control Exemption Certificate (SSCEC) is issued when no evidence of a public health risk is found on board and the competent authority is satisfied that the ship is free from infection and contamination, including vectors and reservoirs.

Ship Sanitation Control Certificate (SSCC) is issued when evidence of a public health risk, including sources of infection and contamination, was detected on board and the required control measures have been satisfactorily completed.

SSCECs and SSCCs are valid for a maximum of six months. This period may be extended by one month, by the competent local authority, if the inspection or control measures required cannot be accomplished at the port.

Ships are inspected regularly to ensure their sanitary conditions and to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. The sanitary inspection is carried out by the health protection authority of the port. Inspections comply with WHO International Health Regulations. During the inspection health and sanitary conditions of the vessel are checked, such as water quality and temperature, hand washing and food hygiene, cleaning and maintenance practices, etc. If sanitary deficiencies are detected, corrective actions mentioned in the WHO manual are required (WHO Manual for the inspection of ships and the issuance of sanitation certificates for ships).

All inspection are subject to availability of resources. Inspections are performed on office days from 08:00 (8 am) to 16:00 (4 pm) local time. Advance notice is required. Inspections outside office hours must be agreed separately and additional charges apply.

Request for Ship Sanitation Inspection is done by e-mail:
Attachments to the request:

  • Name and IMO-number of the vessel
  • Previous Ship Sanitation Certificate (scanned copy)
  • Any additional information (E.g. In case of illness or other evidence of a public health risk on board a Maritime Declaration of Health must be completed and attached to the request)
  • Latest water quality laboratory result/report (scanned copy)

Price list

Ship Sanitation Certificates
Office hours 08:00-16:00 local time 266 euro
Outside office hours/day 532 euro

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